Our HESP (HIGH EFFICIENCY SOFTENING PROCESS) enables complete onsite frac flowback treatment, eliminates the need to transport waste for deep well injection, requires less makeup water, and costs less to use. Our proprietary designs and products provide optimum high purity and wastewater treatment.

HESP for Frack flowback Produced WaterTreatment

HESP is the ideal solution to frac flowback problems. Features include:

  • Up to 99.9% removal of hardness, metals and suspended solids. Up to 85% reduction of silica and organics. Up to 95% removal of Oil and Grease.
  • Carbon monoxide and dioxide from diesel engines may be used for pH adjustment to enhance coagulation and precipitation.
  • Aluminum manufacturing plant waste can be used to enhance coagulation and precipitation.
  • Treated water can be commingled with ground water, for further use in fracking operations.
  • Minimizes or possibly eliminates the need for use of scale inhibitor chemicals
  • No use of corrosive acids, which can allow the use of conventional construction materials such as, PVC, FRP and certain grades of stainless steel
  • Effluent from HESP can be desalted by conventional post-treatment concentration processes such as, RO, evaporators and crystallizers.
  • Precipitated solids can be dried and sold for use in wall board materials
  • Final concentrated salt stream can be used to kill wells after completion of gas drilling operation, or sent to a dryer to recover salt crystals
  • Zero Liquid Discharge concept
  • No need for deepwell injection

HESP is based on collecting and equalizing waste water from several sites, then raising the pH of the wastewater to the optimum level and coagulating and precipitating the contaminants, resulting in purified water which can be either reused in the frac operation, or further purified for return to the environment. Precipitated solids are collected, filtered out and solidified as dry material. Here’s an example of what HESP can do.