High Efficiency Softening Process (HESP)

Allows Onsite Or Centralized Treatment Of Flowback Water And Produced Water From Hydraulic Fracking Operations

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Power Plants

Well-designed pretreatment means efficient performance of longer life of RO/UF/EDI membrane, minimize problems...

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Consulting Services

AWTS provides various consulting services like Ultra Filteration techniques, Clarifiers, RO, Water Treatment, etc.

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Welcome to the AWTSUSA Website

We’re here to solve your frac flowback and water treatment problems with our advanced technology and proprietary processes and techniques.

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Hello!. I’m Ken Pandya,President of AWTS Inc. and inventor of High Efficiency Softening Process (HESP), High Efficiency Filtration Nozzles, High Efficiency Water Treatment Process. I’ll be happy to discuss your Requirements and explain how we can help. Please choose from the subjects in the menu to read about our products and services.

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